To wear a Baldacchini hat provoke an unusual, agreeable satisfaction that becomes enthusiasm during the metamorphosis ” 

The Brand

the brand

Baldacchini Hats was born in 2013 from the will of the designer to create unique headpieces beyond the common idea of hat.
Sabrina Baldacchini uses a spherical shape as a white canvas on which she builds a representation of nature mixing fantastic vintage old fabrics together until new pattern emerges.
A new hat is born, a genuine one-off with a clean, elegant aesthetic where inspirations come from a trickery yet lightful world. focused on details and committed to craftsmanship, Baldacchini’s collections are intended to express balance amongst color, shape and volume.
Baldacchini is created for new era women who pursue wearing hat with highly creative design and the best, finest materials and qualities.
With a simple gesture Baldacchini hat can turn into so many styles,offering the opportunity to change one’s look in a flash.
To wear a Dynamic hat provoke an unusual, agreeable satisfaction that becomes enthusiasm during the metamorphosis
Because of its creative skill and the use of particular material, Sabrina Baldacchini ‘s collections are showcased and sold in museum store in Biennale of Art in Venice, in Triennale museum in Milan where customers can appreciate and try the value of Dynamic Hat.
Sabrina Baldacchini produce also a capsule collection of one color and one size hat, intended for a larger audience, which .can appreciate the original style in everyday use.

the designer

abrina Baldacchini,  Art Designer italiana, inventa un nuovo modo di concepire il cappello: una magia di forme e di tessuti che coniuga con efficacia la realtà con l'immaginazione. 
E’ dalla natura che trae ispirazione, laddove dinamicità e forme sono un susseguirsi infinito.

Brevettato nel giugno 2013, Dynamic Hat ha raggiunto
popolarità a venezia, milano, roma, londra, parigi, new york.

Eventi di maggior rilievo:
o Venice Week Design
o Biennale di Architettura di Venezia
o London Hat Week
o Museo del Novecento Milano
o Triennale Milano  
o Vernice Gallia&Peter | Omaggio a Boccioni Milano

Sabrina Baldacchini



Rome, Italy



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